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The Advanced Administration Systems or A.A.S. is a Ajax driven html editor and product design suite. For years our customers have asked us to design something that made listing and editing products easier than it used to be. Now we have gone a tep further and combined the inhouse designed html editor with database interaction at the cosmetic level. In English it means you can layout your products in a way that gets you more customers by making the product listing more attractive with effort.


  • Ajax Driven (Fewer Page Refreshes)
  • Easily edit muliple products from a single intelligent page
  • Makes altering prices and model numbers so much simpler.

The Advanced adminstration system

The Advanced Adminstration System is the very latest and effiecent way to edit all of your products on your online shop. It uses a combination of Ajax and Javascript to be able to edit products without refreshing the page and losing settings. You can now edit thousands of products on a single non refreshable page, which instantly saves to the database. The A.A.S represent the next generation in Ecommerce and Online Shop Management.