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When it comes to charging tax on your website, it is always best to get professional advice from an Accountant or Tax Lawyer. As the UK law states you charge the rate of VAT for any goods sold in that territory regardless of where the customers is based. So if you have a customer based in the USA then they would still pay 20% VAT, it is a matter for the customer to claim this back from their own authorities if they can at a later date. It is not for you to deduct VAT at the point of sale or charge them VAT at a rate set by their own countries.

The image below shows two tax rates for a company which is based in the UK and Ireland. Dispatching items from Ireland to Irish Customers would attract VAT at 23%, while in the UK the rate would be 20% for British Customers.


  • Sell items at any tax rate
  • Show prices including or excluding VAT
  • HMRC Complaint


We recommend that you contact a Tax Consultant, Accountant or somebody qualified to give tax advice on which option is best for your business. Whatever your needs we can accomodate you.