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Zones work a little bit like Counties, Provinces or States, although they can be any area you wish to be a seperate entitiy, such as "The City of London", seperate from London. The zones can have different tax rates, delivery charges and even prices. Zones used correct;y can manage your business so that you do not under or overcharge your customers because you were careless in the customs of that particular location. A good example would be Ireland. The Country of Ireland is different from the geographical area known as Ireland on a map.


  • More control over your tax
  • Show prices including or excluding VAT
  • HMRC Complaint


The Country of Ireland is known as The Republic of Ireland, while an area still on the island of Ireland is known as Northern Ireland or Ulster. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom not Ireland, but because of its location, it is a goods idea to have a seperate zone all of its own, seperate from The United Kingdom and seperate from The Republic of Ireland.