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Social marketing is the new way to attract customers to your website. Gone are the days of paying a fortune to Google for a sponsered link in the hope that you will get visitors, now your customers promote your website for you, to their own friends. Each product page has Social Marketing, where customers can share the products amongst their friends and friends of friends. We have seen a single social marketing click on facebook, reach 213,00+ people instantly, which brought thousands of visitors to the website. In turn thousands of these visitor shared product pages causing a "cascade effect" or "viral marketing".


  • One Click post on Twitter
  • One Click post on Facebook
  • One Click post on Google+

social marketing

How much did this cost ? . . nothing. The cascade effect is so effective at selling, your competitors are at a serious disadavantage if they don't have this feature and will probably have a substantial bill from Google Adwords too.