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The Terms and conditions of our "Software Product" is a legal agreement between the client (an individual or a legal entity) and User Software Limited trading as Usercart, hereon refered to simply as Usercart for the purposes of this agreement.

The term "Software Product" refers to Usercart X Standard or associated products and services.
User Software Limited admit a set of scripts, associated media, printed materials and "online" or electronic documentation, such as administration and installation manual and layout customisation guidelines.
You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of by purchasing, installing, copying, downloading, accessing or otherwise using ANY of the Usercart Software packages.
Usercart packages are called "Software Product" here. holds copyright to the "Software Product". The "Software Product" is licensed, not sold. It is licensed for a fee from

(a) Software Installation and Use

Usercart hereby concedes you a single, non-exclusive, non-transferable permission to use one copy of the "Software Product" in accordance with the terms and conditions. Any rights not expressly granted are reserved. This license authorises you to install and use a single copy of the "Software Product" on a single domain name or IP address. If you install additional copies, even if such additional copies are located on the same domain and/or the same IP, such usage is prohibited unless additional licenses are purchased.

(b) Source Code Usage

This license prohibits selling, licensing, giving away, or otherwise distributing the source code for any of the scripts contained in "Software Product", either in full or any subpart thereof or any how modified. Nor may you use this source code, in full or any subpart thereof, as part of another program that you either sell, license, give away, or otherwise distribute via any method. You may modify the source code to customize the "look and feel" and functionality of the "Software Product" for your personal usage on the licensed installation only. Unless developer license holder other license holder would be having the encoded source version with some privileges granted on special permission by the admin or authorised person.

(a) Termination, Cancellation and Refunds

The Client has rights to refunds under certain circumstances. There is no automatic right to refund, in compliance with the Consumer Rights Act legislation. Please see our refunds policy.

(b) Copyright Notice:

Under all circumstances, you are prohibited from removing any of the copyright notices from the software, whether contained in the program code or within the HTML pages that the program generates. You are specifically prohibited from altering or removing any of the copyright notices contained within the HTML pages generated by the program. Removal or alteration of said copyright notices by User shall constitute a material breach of this LA. You agree that if you remove copyright notice in violation of this section, User Software Limited shall have the option of assessing a monetary penalty against you for such violation in lieu of terminating your license to use the "Software Product". Exercise of this option by "Software Product" shall in no way authorize you to continue such violation or limit the right of "Software Product" to terminate your license for subsequent violations. However, you are allowed to remove visible copyright references such as links to

(c) Non-Disclosure Agreement :

You specifically agree not to disclose or divulge any information whatsoever about the "Software Product" or the related business practices of Usercart, which constitute proprietary and confidential nature of the "Software". This is the end of the terms and conditions of use.